Tumbled Moonstone - Black

Tumbled Moonstone - Black

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.75 - 1 inches in sizeprice is per stone

Black Moonstone focuses on the psychic abilities of vision and clairvoyance, psychic sight and knowing. It creates new realities and understanding of realities other than those on the earthly plane.

This stone facilitates visualisation, meditation, guided journeys, shamanic journeys and visual psychic healing. Black Moonstone will help you make contact with your spirit guides and angels. It expands your spiritual and psychic vision while giving you the ability to focus on your life path.

Black Moonstone is reputedly helpful for the colon, kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach and female reproductive organs. It may stimulate recovery from a stroke and be beneficial for Parkinson’s and similar diseases. Moonstone is traditionally used to balance the female hormonal cycle and assist during menopause

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