Raw Calcite - Green

Raw Calcite - Green

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.75 - 1 inches in sizeprice is per stone

Green Calcite is a mental healer, it dissolves rigid belief systems and old programming to restore balance and understanding to the mind. It helps in letting go what is familiar and comforting even though it is no longer needed or wanted. It removes emotional and cultural conditioning preparing the way for a healthier view on life.

Green calcite aids communication and helps the transition from the stagnant to the positive. It helps children communicate effectively with others.

Green calcite is a stimulant for the immune system. This stone removes negativity and rids the body of bacterial infections. It reduces the symptoms of arthritis and the tightening of ligaments or muscles and is helpful in bone adjustment. Placed on the Heart Chakra green calcite will help to reduce fever. Placed on the site it will relieve burns and inflammation. Green Calcite calms the adrenal glands and soothes anger issues.

Green calcite should be cleaned after each use as it absorbs so much negative energy and disease.

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