Sastun®- The Stone of Light

Experience the magic of Sastun®- unique gems and jewelry created by hand with healing intention.

The word "sastun" is an ancient Mayan term that comes from the Yucatec language. It is a combination of the yucatec words "sas", which means light or brilliance and "tun" which means stone.

Our Sastun pendants are created with an amalgamation of natural crushed minerals, rare earth elements, and plant-based resin. They collect vital life energy from the universe, amplify and balance it, and then radiate it outward into our aura for healing, vitalization, and purification of the auric field and energy centers.

One of the most amazing qualities of Sastuns is that they absorb light and photons and then they glow.

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  Original Sastun Pendants
Sastun®- Stone of Light- Firefly Pendant Firefly Pendants- tap into mystical woodland energy with our acorn pendants
Sastun®- Healing Vitality- Green Quartz and Gold Intention Pendants- metal pendants with gemstones added for specific intentions
Sastun®- Moldavite & Meteorite Pendant in Silver  Meteorite Pendants- Embrace the cosmic power of the heavens with these Sastun® pendants that contain meteorites
Sastun- Mystical Lantern Pendant Special Edition Pendants- Hand picked Sastun® pendants that carry unique energy. Many are hand beaded on necklaces with other gemstones to amplify and compliment their unique qualities.
Rainbow - K'uychi K'uychi Pendants- The rainbow medicine of Peruvian cosmology, K'uychi is the great connector that unifies all, people, all nations, and the material and spiritual worlds.
Sastun- Samadhi Pendant 91901 Samadhi- aids meditation, stilling the mind, and increases focus.
Rin Chen- preciousness, self-worth, honoring personal uniqueness
Sastun- Siki Nawi Pendant 91902 Siki Ñawi- protection through self empowerment and strengthening aura
Primal Dream- Traversing the deeper places of the spirit realms
Sekhem Stone- Cultivating vital energy and personal power
Fae Quartz- Connecting to the Fae/Faerie realm
Good Red RoadTo aid and protect our journey on the spiritual path of life and aligning with good ethical conduct.