Sastun® Pendants - Samadhi

Intention: Samadhi is a state of consciousness accessed through deep meditation. It is a mind of oneness- like our consciousness has become a drop of water returned to the ocean. This Sastun was created to aid in meditation, stilling the mind, and increasing focus.
Composition: Samadhi pendants are made with kyanite, fluorite, amethyst, clear quartz, blue mica, and Rare Earth Elements that glow both green and blue.

The word "sastun" is an ancient Mayan term that comes from the Yucatec language. It is a combination of the yucatec words "sas", which means light or brilliance and "tun" which means stone.

Our Sastun® pendants are created with an amalgamation of natural crushed minerals, rare earth elements, and plant-based resin. They collect vital life energy from the universe, amplify and balance it, and then radiate it outward into our aura for healing, vitalization, and purification of the auric field and energy centers.

One of the most amazing qualities of Sastun® is that it absorbs energy through light and then it glows.